4 Friends

The Stakeholders in DrukDIF

DrukDIF represents the on-going cooperation of Stakeholder agencies and partenrs, working towards the National good. As with the "Four Friiends," stakeholders need to work together, to produce the best information for the common good of Bhutan, as a contribtution to Gross National Happiness.

DrukDIF was initiated as part of the Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP) of NSSC, a GEF-funded project executed by Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) of the Royal Government of Bhutan.  It is designed to be implemented by agencies that can be considered as primary data providers, and have the mandate to produce geophysical data. These include primarily NSSC (project administrator), HydroMet, NLC, and DGPC. Output from the core information processing is structured to address the needs of agencies more focused on using information products (NBC, NEC, and others).

The inital implementing agencies include primarily:

The initial user agencies include:

It is expected that environmental organizations would benefit

The final "end-user" could be