Drainage Basins

17 Pour Points and Basins

"Building" Bhutan, on Multiple Scales

A "drainage basin" is the fundamental unit of the landscape, as its topography, soils, and vegetation goven how rainfall is mobilized across the landsurface and down river channels. A critical work task, then, is how to represent the spatial distributions and attributes of all of these landscape properties, and how they process the surface climate. In this section, we descibe how individual "models" of the landscape are derived.

An important reality of river basins is that they don't automatically respect political boundaries.Hence to best analyze the dynamics of the river basins of Bhutan,recognizing the transboundary perspective.

Functionally, the drainage basin is built from topography, soils and geology, and landcover and landuse. Scroll over the images to the left to see the development in DrukDIF.